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Colliding Cultures – toddlers in Africa

Colliding Cultures is a travel and lifestyle blog of an Estonian-Palestinian-Lebanese family.

I have two amazing mixed-race kids – they are 50% Estonian, 25 % Palestinian and 25% Lebanese by blood. This blog contains travels stories with and without them.

So if you are into adventures and road-triping across the Africa  –  stay tuned. I am going to talk about this.

If you are seeking for travel advises and flight tips with toddlers or while being pregnant (or both) – stay tuned, I have done all that and I am going to share some experience.

I currently live with kids back in Estonia, but I have Family in Lebanon and my husband is at the moment living in Ghana (West Africa) – so yeah, flying is gonna happen a lot 🙂

But before I can start writing in present tense I have to explain you how I got here. So all stories that has actually happened while ago are categorized as “Memories”


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Houseparty in Ghana

 The name “Colliding Cultures” – well see I am an Estonian who got married in Ghana with Palestinian refugee in Lebanon. Quite a big collision of cultures isnt it?

Actually from my husband side its even mote confusing cos he is Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, who is currently working in Ghana but has family (wife and kids) in Estonia 😁!

We meat while I lived in Ghana after having fixed my documents we got married and I stayed with him in Ghana for 3 more years before I moved back to Estonia with our kids.

So right now I am struggling with the collision of cultures here in Estonia. My husband – due to the fact that he is an Arab and due to the fact that he is also a refugee, then he is not very loved here. Well he is not refugee here in Estonia, he is Refugee from Palestine in Lebanon, but who cares. Still bad. “All refugees are bad bad bad….living for free, taking our women…blaah blaah blaah..”  🙂